Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please...Stare at me longer THANX

So in case you haven't noticed, it has been quite awhile since my last post. I have been extremely lazy in the whole blogging world. Those of you that know me might think to yourself, oh I bet Kimba is going to blog about going to the Britney Spears concert, or rockin out with No Doubt. Maybe even about seeing fantastic musicals like Wicked or Miss Saigon. Yes those were all frigg'n amazing experiences that I have enjoyed so far this year. Yes you should be jealous. And yes I will forever talk about those events. But that is not what has brought me back to the blogging world. What has brought me back to the blogging world is Durt. Not Dirt, but Durt. I know what your thinking, Kim WTF? Let me fill you in. I work at Ace Disposal, Inc. Ya know the garbage trucks? Love it. At Ace I am the front desk. With that, I get to have contact with everyone that walks through the door. EVERYONE. There are those that come for meetings with management, people selling stuff, customers coming in to pay bills, and my favorite.....APPLICANTS. I cannot express to you how great it is to have something so awkward happen to me, and be able to tell others about it. Mainly my bestie Cocoum. Without fail every thing that happens at work, Coco will get an email from me literally as it is happening. Her response...."How have you not blogged about this yet?" Which made me think. I should be sharing my stories...... The easiest way to share this with you, is in what I like to call another one of my lists. Therefore, I give you.....The top ten awkward/creepy/stupid, comments applicants have said, questions they have asked, and weird moments that have made my experience at the front desk worthwhile:)

10. "Ma'am this says to list my address, should I write down the address where I live?" (No sir, write down the address of where your best friend's cousin lives, Come on)

9. "Wait, you have a lady hiring all the drivers here?" ?????uh??????

8. Go ahead and take a seat while you fill this out. "No I will stand, I write better standing up. I can hold the pen better." It's a pretty lengthy application sir "It's okay I go to the gym everyday, well sometimes. Okay not everyday." Blank stare.......

7. Is this paper part of the application? (Oh that, no that is a trick page that we throw in every application. Congrats on finding it. Your hired)

6. What should I put in the Job History Columns? (Your job history?)

5. "Do I have to fill out the entire application?" (How about you fill out the first half, and then I'll guess the second half. I'm sure you'll get the job:)

4. "Excuse me, how do you spell Dirt?" ..D I R T.. "Oh duh I knew that." (Then why did you still write DURT on your application)

3. (Some dude referring to Easter baskets sitting on a shelf at work)"I just love Easter baskets. Those look like really great baskets. Where did you get those? I can't decide what to get my kids for Easter. Can I steal one of those baskets from you? I don't even know what to get my girlfriend for Easter. My Ex wife was always really easy to shop for. I always got her the best presents. She divorced me so I don't think she liked everything I bought her. Ungrateful huh?" (..Uhhh Blah Blah Blah)

2. Being starred at by a guy with a lazy eye magnified by a thick pair of bifocals. (Creeeeeepyyyyy)

1. "Hey Miss, How do you spell a million?" ..M I L L I O N.. "No, like the Zeroes. How do you spell that?" .. A 1 with 6 zeroes after it.. (Wow, Seriously?)