Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh Coco.....

An EDITED blog worthy email I received from my dear friend Coco!!

"So can I just tell you that I have almost gotten
in 3 car accidents today? And I'm not even a drama queen over exaggerator
about it, I LITERALLY have almost been hit by 3 people.

Scenario #1- driving by subway on redwood road by my house in that
area, passing the entrance to the parking lot, DUMB@*$# BI$&@ in a SUV
decides she's just gonna roll on out and doesn't look to her left to see if
anyone is coming down the road. BEEP BEEP COCO IS!

Scenario #2- driving on the freeway, I-215 to be exactly, DUMB@*$# BI$&@
in a Honda on my left needs to get over into my lane and doesn't check
her blind spot to see if anyone is there. BEEP BEEP COCO IS!

Scenario #3- taking Angie on an errand so she can pick up her Sundance
Film Festival tickets. Pull into the parking lot, wait...., wait some
more...., Angie gets in the car I go to back out and a DUMB@*$# BI$&@
and/or BA$#&RD in a Toyota Camry are backing out and don't check to
see If someone is behind them. BEEP BEEP COCO IS!!!!!!!!

I think the universe is trying to tell me something."

If it's possible I heart you even more Cocoummmm!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Excellent throwage…

It’s been two weeks into the year and already I have declared my favorite moment. There is nothing better than a great, unexpected conversation. To be a witness to this conversation was an honor. But to actually be involved in it, was absolutely amazing. Today I was busy at work when a fellow coworker came up behind me with a question that would leave me in awe. And it went something like this….

Hey Kim I have a weird question for ya..
Do you speak Laos?
Do you speak Laos?
Um do you speak Gibberish? What kind of a question is that?
I just thought that you might.
Why cause I’m asian?
I need to collect a bill from this guy and he doesn’t speak English. He speaks Laos..
What am I suppose to do? Have I ever spoke Laos to you? Any other language for that matter?
Well no, but I don’t know the things you learn in schools these days.

So do I speak Laos? Yeah I do. I learned it when I was born in America to a Filipino mother and a white father. No I don’t speak Laos. I can’t even speak the language of my ancestors let alone a completely different country. Am I mad….NO. Am I hurt….NO. Am I impressed with the fantastic throwage of the first racial card of the year….I guess I am!! Well played, well played.