Sunday, December 20, 2009


So it's been awhile since I have blogged. I have just had writers block and haven't had anything to blog about. You think I would just because my life is pretty eventful. Well I am happy to announce a recent event that has happened. Let me just paint a pretty picture for you. The other day I was sitting at work, when one of my coworkers suggested we get Groves Market for lunch. Love that place right? Wrong. Tomatoes. Tomatoes ruin everything. To me anyway. I opened up my sandwich and it was smothered in mushy gross tomatoes. WTF. How hard is it to not put tomatoes on something. Like seriously follow your paying customer's instructions. Anyways the entire sandwich was ruined. I could not eat it. I did manage to eat some of the bottom part after I scraped everything off. We are talking the avocado, the onions, the pickles. Everything had to be thrown in the trash. Ugh I am sick just thinking of it. Well this just ruined my day and only caused me to be even more hungry. HANGRY. I was hangry. So I texted my good friend Tottie about the unfortunate event. Explaining to her how upset I was and how I am starving and what not. Keep in mind she is Spanish (I had to throw that in there.) So she texts me back and says,"Eat some Comida." I was like what the heck is comida? So I ask my friend Mary at work what Comida was. Yeah don't worry that everyone thought I said, "What is Chlamydia?" Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh man. Wow. Bright red. Office = Uproar = Making Tottie's day! Glad I can provide everyone entertainment!! The end.

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Sean and Natacia said...

I love you kimba!!