Thursday, April 8, 2010

My pulse is normal

Okay you can stop wondering where I have been. I am alive and well. First off can I just tell you how fast this year is going. I mean come on, we are nearing the middle of freaking April. That is crazy. It feels like just yesterday was the first day of 2010. Insane. It's sort of great though for 3 reasons..ONE, it means that my birthday has passed. Yes if you didn't wish me a Happy Birrrrfday on March 7th, you are a bad friend! No joke. I take it seriously. SECOND, it means that my trip to the Philippines SLASH Hawaii is getting close. That's right people, in 151 days my mother is taking me and my sis Melba to the Philippines to show us around her old stomping grounds. Then we figure we might as well stop off and chill in Hawaii!! It's gonna be awesome. So many brown people. So many Asians. I'm gonna fit it just nicely. OH WAIT..I am whiter than powdered sugar. Don't worry though, I will be getting a few sessions of spray tan before I get on that plane. Save myself the embarrassment. Although regardless of what shade of brown I will be, we still look half white and the eyes will be following us..not just for our Ravishing looks. YES. I said Ravishing. I didn't see why not. THIRDLY..Christmas once again is on the rise. Santa baby woot woot. Now for all you Christmas haters out there, I don't care if it's not for 261 days. I don't care if you don't want to be reminded of when it is. I don't care if you are gloomy gus who only thinks of spending money and not the feeling of Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year and I will continue to be very vocal about it. Christmas time makes me happy. End of story. So basically I have a lot to look forward to this year. There are little things here and there that I could probably go on and on about but I probably should be getting back to work. I'm on the clock. My bad:) Don't worry though, I have plenty to write about so you will be hearing from me again. Peace and love peeps!!


De EspaƱa said...

Kim, you could never be as white as powdered sugar. I'd say you're as white as light brown sugar. That's lucky. I wish I was brown sugar colored, but I am the one who's like powdered sugar. Anyway, funny how you mention thinking about Christmas. I have lately been thinking about Halloween and how I'm glad it's getting closer. It's not my favorite holiday (Chritmas is), but I really love Halloween for some reason, I think because it's the beginning of holiday season. You're lucky that you can write on your blog on the clock, my supervisor checks my blog so she'd know if I did it during work and then I'd get in trouble. But I can write comments on other people's blogs that she'll never know about. Well cousin, I love you!! I miss you! I wish you went to my ward now and I'd save you a seat every week, and I'd text you and tell you it was on the other side of the chapel so you'd come in looking lost. Just kidding. I love you!

PS - I'm jealous that you guys get to go to the Phillipines and Hawaii!

Hailey Jones said...

i just read your sisters blog and thought i wish kimba would blog again. then... my wish came TRUE.

love that your birthday was in march and i knew that. but i didn't say anything. but i still think you are cool.

so excited for you and melba and mom susan to go on the coolest vaca ever. ever. ever. i love your brown/asian pride.

how are you?
remember how i saw you this summer.
i hope i see you again.
and melba.
tell her hi.
love these lance girls.

Laura said...

Annnnnnnnnnd you're back! YAY!

I am jealous of your vacation.

I love Christmas and hate winter, but you know that.

Love ya!