Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top 10 things that make me freak……

10. BAD CAR STICKERS: Roxy stickers, Last names written in old English, RU LDS 2? Family member figurines. The Green Day grenade.

9. PEOPLE: Jared the Subway guy, Super Dale, Tom and Suri Cruise, Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell , Jolie-Pitt family. P Diddy

8. PUBLIC RESTROOM ETIQUETTE: There are more than enough stalls in public restrooms. Why on earth would an individual walk into the restroom and use the stall right next to someone when there are several empty stalls. WTF. If that doesn’t bother you, you have issues.

7. DIRTY KIDS: Parents clean your children. How hard is it? You have eyes and a nose. One word….Wipes!

6. MONTE CARLOS: A Monte Carlo really? Your only fooling yourself.

5. SOCKS AND SANDLES: Why are you in public? It will never be cool. One question…Do you drive a Monte Carlo?

4. LINES: Oh the lines. So not worth it. Unless it’s for Wicked tickets and or Dip N‘ Dots, and maybe to sit on Santa’s lap.

3. RC WILLEY: Thanks but if I wanted to come to your store and be followed by a man in a bad suit, I would have gone to…Oh wait no one wants that. Step off dude.

2. BOYS WEARING GIRL PANTS: How do you wear girl pants? That cannot be comfortable. Go back to the boys section, it’s good for ya.

1. VOICE AUTOMATED CUSTOMER SERVICE: No fake lady with the mono tone voice, that is not what I said. Click.


DEE said...

Every single thing on here urks me to no end. I sure miss chillin with you, and making fun of boys in girls pants.

The Boyadjians said...

Oh Chandler, you're such an idiot. But I love you, I guess. :)

Coco said...

hahahahahaah Monte Carlos! That's the #1 item on my list. I hate those damn cars. I wish I had the balls to key every single one I saw.

Laura said...

i drive a monte carlo and i love it. and it has a dreamcatcher hanging on the rear veiw mirror.
and a roxy sticker on the back window.
its the shit

The Hendricks Family said...

you crack me up!!! love you!

brad and steph said...

this is awesome! you make me laugh! And Im totally with you on the bathroom one especially! That bugs the crud out of me!!

Amber said...

I agree with everything you said... for me personally, I would add shopping at Target or Walmart with shrieking children. It's like walking through hell just to go buy deodorant or toothpaste... ya