Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a few fam piXures

The Brown Lances and a few white boys

Zion Zakary
Elijah Zane

Ethan Michael


Jen and Grant said...

Your family is so cute.

Moni & Paul said...

tear tear.. i love the pics :) makes me happy..

Diane and Colby Dimond said...

Love your hair. Looks just like mine, except not red, or curly.... Love Mel, she still is so buff I asked her one time how to get skinny and she told me to eat chicken. I eat chicken. Tell her I am still waiting :)

Jenny said... you don't know me, but I lift with Melanie and just met Dorothy. I was the client when Zion sat on the cable guy...LOL. Your blog is hilarious...seriously Radical!! Awesome pics of everyone ;)