Monday, February 9, 2009


I got one for all of you. Ya know what irritates me? Why is it that whenever we have to log on to something, leave a comment on somebody’s blog, or purchase tickets on line, we have to type in a word verification. WTF why? Seriously it is just a waste of time. An extra inconvenient step. I’m pretty lazy so it frustrates me every time. The words don’t even make any sense. Like what kind of words are they. First of all they shouldn’t call it a word verification, they should call it a letter slash number verification cause their just a bunch of nonsense not actual words. Like what is BESS7ENTH, T23RIGHUM, VESOP56Y, or today I got a good one. MUVVRIT9. Like what the heck is that. Sometimes the words are smashed together and you can’t even read it. Then you type it in wrong, not only making you have to type in a new idiotic word, but it also makes you feel like an absolute idiot. Don’t act like you all don’t know what I am talking about. We’ve all done this before. My question is why all of a sudden do we have to do this moronic thing. Why the big change. And yes if you were wondering I do feel pretty strongly about this matter. I’m pist.

PS. When you leave me a comment, I hope you get the stupid verification WRONG!!


Moni & Paul said...

i luv how my blog says i updated it 2 months ago, when i did it.. 2 days ago. ? word verification is CONCESSSS

Dorothy said...

Seriously you are so stung out baby sista! That pic totally makes my day!!! Could not agree with you more hate the word verify. It sucks pink donkey you know whats!!!! Seriously remove it of your blog. It's annoying!!!